Semi monuments in Gympie & Sunshine Coast


Top-Quality Headstones

Clint’s Memorial Services & Solid Plastering in Gympie creates beautiful semi monuments in a range of styles and colours from marble, granite, sandstone or concrete. Let our caring team assist with your design and create a semi monument that suits your needs.
Granite Stones — Memorials in Chatsworth, QLD
Tools For Semi Monument — Memorials in Chatsworth, QLD

Clint’s understands that many factors impact your choice

Personal preferences, the preferences of the departed, council regulations and budget all frequently come into play at once. We are here to help. Our wide selection allows us to offer attractive, high-quality options suitable for every budget.

At Clint’s, we guarantee results that meet and exceed your expectations. Our knowledge and experience mean we can assist in choosing the appropriate material.

Headstone with Base

Semi monuments are headstones with bases. Unlike a full monument, which we also offer, a semi monument does not include a full-length stone border or enclosed vault.
The most significant determining factors in choosing between a semi and full monument are council regulations and budget. When it comes to style, those choosing semi monuments still have many options available, from the smooth, mirror-like finish of fine black granite, to expertly rendered concrete.
Headstone With Base — Memorials in Chatsworth, QLD

Opting for a headstone with base

Is ideal for concerns about how a memorial will stand over time. We secure the base into the ground with a cement foundation. Clint’s Memorial Services & Solid Plastering uses industry-standard adhesive and stainless steel to fix the headstone to the base. That prevents the monument from leaning or slipping due to age or environment.
Alternatively, clients may select a plaque, or choose a vase to complement their semi monument.