Plaque & vases in Gympie & Sunshine Coast


Durable, Beautiful Details

Personalised plaques and vases are two services we are proud to offer clients in Gympie and the Sunshine Coast. Both allow clients to add personal touches to a final resting place. Trust Clint's Memorial Services & Solid Plastering to assist you throughout the process.
Memorial Vase — Memorials in Chatsworth, QLD
Memorial Plaque — Memorials in Chatsworth, QLD


Plaques can be added to headstones or used to mark any area where you would like to memorialise a loved one, such as a garden bench. They can also be applied to flat grave markers of stone such as granite. Depending on environmental conditions, clients may find they worry less about lettering and decoration wearing away when it is inscribed on a plaque.

Durability and beauty are two of our main priorities when creating plaques at Clint’s. You will have control over the design, arrangement and information displayed on the plaque. We then carefully cast and paint the plaque.
Afterwards, the plaque will undergo machine processing to highlight the richness and depth of the bronze around areas of detail, namely the inscription and design. From there, your plaque is painted in the colour of your choosing and sealed with shiny, professional-grade lacquer.


Sometimes a gravesite is much more than a final resting place. It’s a peaceful space where friends and family can reflect on the life of their loved one. Clint’s Memorial Services & Solid Plastering casts vases for gravesites where visitors can leave flowers in remembrance. It’s an elegant finishing touch that helps keep a site attractive.
Handling all the details after a loss is an incredible challenge. Let Clint’s Memorials in Gympie meet your needs with the dignity and support you deserve.
Black Memorial Vase — Memorials in Chatsworth, QLD