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Expert Memorial Refurbishment & Installation

Clint’s Memorial Services & Solid Plastering has perfected the installations and refurbishments process. Customers in Gympie, Sunshine Coast, and beyond trust us for expert, reliable service that does not add to their worries during a difficult time.
Black Headstone — Memorials in Chatsworth, QLD
Headstone Installation — Memorials in Chatsworth, QLD


Clint’s handles the installation of memorials, as well as the design and production.

First, we meet our clients at the plot. During this initial meeting, we’ll offer our advice and recommend products that are suitable for your space. From there, we’ll contact the council to get a clear picture of any regulations and important burial rights information.

Next, it’s on to lettering. After we develop a proof, clients give their final approval. At that time, we proceed to cutting the stone and crafting the monument. Finally, we deliver it to the burial site and install it.


Clint’s Memorial Services specialises in several types of refurbishment. We carry out each with the utmost respect for final wishes for burial. Our team also takes into account the durability and beauty of the memorial.
  • Lettering refurbishment - This is most applicable to marble. Whether lettering is hard to view due to age or damage, we can redo the lead lettering on marble headstones and monuments.
  • Monument cleaning - Cleaning monuments requires special knowledge and products. Clint’s has decades of experience in helping to preserve the nobility and beauty of stone monuments.
  • Monument repainting - When cleaning isn’t enough, repainting can be necessary. Only trust the experts at Clint’s Memorial Services, Gympie’s authority on monument repainting.
  • Re-concreting - Clint’s will open double vaults and re-concrete the area for partner burials. At this time, families may opt for refurbishment/relettering for a clean, uniform look.
Refurbishment — Memorials in Chatsworth, QLD

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